Schedule of Fees

EFFECTIVE July 1, 2019



Fee Schedule

Acct Research/Reconciliation (min 1 hour)


Cashier’s Check (Waived for 50+)


Certified Check


Check Copy


Collection item


Debit Card Express Delivery


Debit Card Replacement Fee


Debit Card Foreign Currency Conversion Fee


Deposit Item Return


Foreign Collection Item

$10.00 (+ collection costs)

Foreign Currency/Order/Exchange


Garnishment and Levies


Money Order (Waived for 50+)


POP Money

$0.55 per transaction

Overdraft Paid Item

$30.00/item-$150.00 daily cap

Continuous Overdraft (after 2 business days)


Paper Statement Fee


Return Item

$30.00/item-$150.00 daily cap

Returned Mail


Statement Copy


Safe Deposit Boxes

Varies by size

Safe Deposit Lock Drilling


Safe Deposit Key Replacement


Stop Payment


Wire Transfer (International)


Wire Transfer (Incoming)


Wire Transfer (Outgoing)



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